Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fellow Librarians: Be Not Afraid!

Here during the holiday season, my thoughts turn to the getting of presents, not because I’m greedy, I’m not thinking of my own presents. I’m thinking about all the new tablets and iPod touches, the e-Readers and new phones that may very well be received by our patrons. Come January, after the holidays are over, those that have received a new device will seek out the help of their friendly neighborhood librarian to download, upload, sync and send. Are you ready?

It may seem daunting at first. After all, how can one person be an expert on every device? The short answer is that of course you can’t. What you can do is cultivate an attitude of curiosity and exploration that will carry you confidently towards a satisfactory answer to your patron’s needs. If you do not expect yourself to be an expert, but you do expect yourself to have an interest in technological trends (you do have one, right?) then all will be well. If at first you are a little timid, that’s okay, so is your patron. It’s not easy for anyone, especially adults, to admit that they don’t know everything. But once you do, once you put on your explorer boots and throw away the teacher hat, you may find that it’s actually fun to have someone bring in something that you know nothing about. Give it a try.

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