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Captain Underpants, a beloved children's book character and a personal favorite of mine was the subject of this program. We built toilet paper towers, seeeing who could make the tallest one in the shortest amount of time. We competed against each other in the "Tidy Whitey Sling Shot Toss." Kids got to pose for a picture with the man himself! I drew the CaptainUnderpants figure and kids made their own masks. We discussed the finer points of this superhero's talents and our favorite book in the series. (Mine is: Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets, but it is hard to choose a favorite!)

It all starts with this baby: a cacao tree seed pod! That's right, all that beautiful candy, from M&Ms to Ghirardelli begins by harvesting the football shaped pods that are about the size of a Nerf football. I did a program on Chocolate for our summer reading program one year entitled, Chocolate Around the World. It fit in well with that year's reading theme, One World, Many Stories and of course, since it was about chocolate, it was hugely popular. I did include a tasting at the end where the audience tried to identify unusual flavors such as bacon, ginger, and hot peppers in the chocolate samples. What was great about the program was how much everyone (including me) learned about the growing, harvesting, and manufacturing of chocolate. Tasty, and educational. Who could ask for more?

Ever wanted to do a tie-dying program at your library? During the summer time it's easy to do because you can do it outside. At our library, I organized a "Camp Half-blood" Tie-dye T-shirt day at the peek of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series popularity. In this book series, a half-mortal, half-Greek god teenager goes to "Half-blood" camp to learn all about how to be a demigod. Like all good summer camps, they need camp T-shirts, right? You don't have to have such a convenient tie-in (excuse the pun) to host a tie-dying event. What you will need is a convenient way to handle what can be a very messy process. The kids brought their own plain white T-shirts (we did buy some just in case) and we supplied the dye and fabric markers so that they could add their names or the name of their "god father" if they really wanted it to be reflective of the book series. I mixed the dye beforehand and put it into squeeze bottles. Working on a large plastic tarp and placing their tied up T-shirt on large plastic trays, participants used the squeeze bottles to apply the dye. Be sure to have some buckets of water handy and rags or paper towels. This method really cut down on the mess!

It's fun to highlight your library programming using a slide show creator.
I used Animoto to create this one:

This one was a compilation of different programs I did to promote our department

You can use Animoto like I did, or a number of other services. Each one has its pluses
and minuses. Mess around with it and decide which one you like best!

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