Here's a Sign-up Station I designed for our first Summer Reading Program online Sign-up. Participants signed up either remotely or through the station and printed out their booklogs.Our theme was, "Eat, Read, Love Your Library," so these characters from Judy Moody are dressed as chefs.

Picture Box: Here's Looking at You!
 When our library chose "Be Creative at Your Library" for Summer Reading I built and painted this Picture Box. Each side had a painted copy of a  famous work of art with cut-outs where children could put their faces into the painting. The two sides not shown:, Edvard Munch's, "The Scream," and "American Gothic" by Grant Wood. After Children enjoyed it for the Summer Reading Program, it was auctioned off to an adult patron, earning money for the library.

Jousting With Our Trusty Steeds

Many times an idea for a program starts with an idea for a prop. I wanted to offer jousting for the little guys and built these horse and mask props. It was a highlight of our program, "A Royal Party." The "swords" are just thin pieces of pipe insulation.

Steampunk Book Display
Book displays are one way we can boost circulation, and book covers provide much of the eye candy, but it helps when other parts of the display catch the eye. Here I created an 8 1/2 by 11 inch poster that's surrounded by cut-out gears; gears being a key icon of steam punk.
Where I work there are migratory birds that visit every year and many families are interested in bird watching. This is a bulletin board I make out of cut-out paper to generate interest in my Sand Crane program.

Story Time is one of my favorite job responsibilities. I keep it fresh by making new felt board objects to illustrate rhymes and tell simple stories. Here are a few I've made:

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